Frequently asked Questions

What are the benefits in using Cell Clinic to repair my cellphone or tablet?

Of course we’ll say we’re the best, but we do actually have the accreditation to prove it – as well as the fact that we’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We know you don't have time to drive around and get stuck in traffic as you look for a reputable repair centre, so we collect and deliver your device while you carry on with your busy schedule.

What guarantee do I get for the repair done on my device?

We give you a 1-year workmanship warranty for all repairs. If you find your phone or tablet has the same problem again, we will simply cover the cost, unless we find that your phone has been dropped or accidentally damaged (for example, the screen is cracked or liquid-damaged), in which case we will re-quote you but still offer you a discounted price as a returning customer).

How do I know if my device or accessory is still in warranty?

You get a 1-year manufacturing warranty with your phone or tablet. Accessories generally have a 6-month warranty. If you’re not sure, we can check this for you once we receive your device.

I need my device repaired. What is the procedure?

Click the “Repair my device” button at the top of our home page and follow the easy instructions, which will provide you with an initial quote. We’ll then contact you to collect your phone or tablet from you, and start the repair as soon as we receive the device. We’ll provide you with an additional quote if any fault is found besides the fault your device is booked in for – unless your device is still under warranty, in which case we will automatically repair it. When the repairs are complete, we will email you an invoice. If it’s a repair under warranty, you will only be invoiced for the collection and delivery fees (R240). Once we receive your proof of payment, we will dispatch your phone back to you.

I need my device repaired. What cost will be involved?

We will collect and deliver your phone or tablet for a fee of R240. Our labour rates are R280 to R480 depending on the fault. Spares can vary from R50 to R2 500 depending on the fault. The most expensive repairs usually involve replacing the screen, but generally speaking, the average cost of repairs is R1 900.

How long do I have to pay for my repair once it has been completed?

You have 30 working days from date of invoice to pay for your repair, unless you make prior arrangements with us in the event of payment taking longer.

I want to reject my quote. Are there costs involved?

The only cost involved is the delivery and collection fee, which is R240.

How long will my device take to repair?

Your phone or tablet will take on average 24 to 48 hours to repair. It normally takes about one day to get to us and and another day to send it back to you. If you live outside SA’s main cities, it may take three working days to get to us and another three to return to you.

Who will collect my cellphone?

We use Courierit ( and Ram ( as well as courier guy (

What delays can I expect?

The only delay you may face is the availability of spares, and we will communicate this to you when we give you your quotation. If we don't have spares in stock it can take an additional three working days to get spares. In some instances there are no spares in the country and that will take us an average of 11-15 working days to source.

What quality spares do you use?

We use only original parts from Samsung and Apple and Huawei, however with Apple and Huawei we over A Grade generic parts which is industry standard and alot more afforable.